As part of Invista’s strategy to expand its business in Brazil and
sustain its position in the region, construction of the expansion
project will begin immediately, with an expected opening in late 2012. .
The manufacturer currently has sites in Americana, São Paulo, producing
Supplex fabric, and in Paulínia, where it produces Lycra fibre. .
The new spandex plant, which will be installed at Invista’s Paulínia
site, is expected to generate a significant number of new jobs after
the start of operations..
“Brazil is a growing and strategic market for our business,” said David
Trerotola, president of Invista Apparel. “Brazil’s textile market is
very integrated, with textile mills, garment and fashion brands with
high penetration in the country and the world. Through our local and
global innovations in textile fibres, we are able to offer even more
solutions to customers.” .
According to the Brazilian Association of Producers of Artificial and
Synthetic Fibres (ABRAFAS), the Brazilian textile industry contributes
$1.06bn in annual revenues. .
German Silva, Invista Apparel business director for South America,
said: “Textile companies must continually improve and advance their
technology to maintain a world-leading position in the marketplace.
Given the need for more and more differentiation, we are always
innovating and looking for new ways to develop Lycra fibre with
value-added attributes.” ”