The software promises to accelerate key business processes and empower
more efficient and sustainable growth across the Ronhill, Sprayway, and
Mountain Equipment product lines. Following a phased adoption, all three
brands are expected to complete implementation of the new software this
According to OSC Ltd Chairman Stephen Cann, “Visual 2000 offers a
solution that will allow us to improve our internal processes and assist
the communication with our manufacturing partners. The team is looking
forward to implementing the system and to the improvements that will
help the business achieve its goals.”.
OSC Ltd will initially implement about 50 PLM users across its product
development processes, including design, merchandising, and quality
assurance teams. The company will also take advantage of free vendor
licenses provided in the system to extend secure system access to its
global supply chain partners. By bringing its manufacturers and
suppliers online, OSC Ltd will greatly enhance collaboration around its
products and increase process visibility into the entire
design-to-delivery product lifecycle..
“We look forward to working with OSC as they improve and grow their
business”, noted Tony Walker, Visual 2000 European Sales Director. “We
are pleased that they have recognised the value of the advanced
technology, out-of-the-box fashion capabilities, and speed-to-benefit
advantages that Visual brings to the European fashion industry.””