Tanriverdi, ICA Director and Vice President of Ensar Tekstil – a
spinning company based in Turkey, said that cotton production in Turkey
does not meet consumption: “Last year, our production was 1,800,000
bales and consumption was 5,600,000,” he explained. “If we calculate the
difference in volume, it is about $1.5 billion dollars shortfall. We
currently have just four Turkish firms who are members of the ICA. I
believe we should definitely increase participation – if we do not
participate on the ruling platform, we will not be a voice in the
solution.” ..Abdulkadir Kurtul, president of KASIAD, echoed
Ertugrul’s message. He stated that Turkey and Kahramanmaras are in
strong position in cotton and reminded delegates that, in the past,
Turkey had a very important position in cotton production. “We really do
not have any problem with consumption,” he said. “This shows our
leadership in the textile business. But our country should be at a
balance between production and consumption. The cotton is a strategic
product to Turkey, therefore production problems must be solved if the
voice of Turkish cotton producers is to be heard.””