“Ismail Gülle, President of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association (ITHIB), said: “In 2010 our textile [yarns and fabrics] exports were valued at $6.6bn. This year, with the extra orders shifted to us from China, there will be an increase of approximately $2.2bn. We will capture levels of $8.8bn.”..Mr Gülle said many Turkish textile companies have already scheduled production programmes for the next six months, with the biggest concern being lack of sewing capacity…In recent times Turkey lost millions of dollars worth of textile and apparel production business to China due primarily to the latter’s cheap prices. An almost 30% increase in textile and apparel costs in China, in line with an increase in domestic consumption, fluctuations in cotton prices and logistical issues are leading large buyers to shift their orders to Turkey again, according to Mr Gülle…Some are preparing to increase orders by 25-30% and one, which has a production value of nearly $600m in China, is engaging in business with Turkish companies, he added…”Giant buyer groups have experienced serious problems in China. China didn’t deliver the goods, arguing an increase in prices; it claimed the price difference for finished products. Buyer groups were disturbed by this situation…“Also, they understand that the price fluctuations in cotton will be permanent. Therefore, they will make their 2011 purchase intensively from Turkey. They are already calling Turkish companies and saying ‘be ready, we will increase our purchase’.”..Mr Gülle, who expected exports to increase by almost 30% as orders shift to Turkey, is concerned by the scarcity of skilled labour: “For example, we were in Sivas. We visited the Organised Industrial Zone. The factories there have already made their production plan for 5-6 months. There is a lack of sewing capacity. Thousands of workers left the sector when they lost their job during the crisis period, there is a scarcity of workforce.””