It said the step was aimed at protecting the local textile industry. The decision will be enforced from July 24, 2011. .Turkey has taken the step on the complaint of its domestic industry, which claimed huge losses due to imports. This action is being taken under the provisions of the WTO Agreement on Safeguards. ..The Turkish government has also proposed to enhance the duty on garments from 9.5 percent to 52 percent, which will seriously affect Pakistani exports. The notification said that the duty on woven fabric has been increased to 24.4 percent, woven fabric with elastic yarn will be charged $1 per kg and all other yarn will be charged up to $4 per kg. ..Pakistan and Turkey have been working for signing trade agreements and facilitating land trade, but the enhancements of duties would negate all such efforts, exporters said. Pakistan has a significant share of Turkish market, particularly in denim and gray cloth. .