“According to
country’s Ministry of Industry and Technology, exports to traditional
markets posted a growth during the same period, except for Germany.  ..In August, exports continued their rise in most of the traditional
markets with a noticeable increase in Spain, United Kingdom, Poland,
Italy and US which has been among Tunisia’s top ten customers since
2009. ..The sector’s imports recorded a significant growth during the same period reaching 10, 45% in value and 14, 24% in volume. ..Tunisia’s imports from Portugal, China, Spain, Turkey and India recorded a remarkable growth in the past five months. ..Denim
fabric, which accounts for 22% of imports in value and 21. 7% in volume
posted a 13. 8% growth in value and 15. 7% in weight. ..Imports of knitting materials posted a 21. 4% growth, which confirms the vitality of the knitwear industry. ”