.According to data published by the Ministry of Industry and
Technologies, industrial exports reached 3,079 million dinars (MTD),
i.e. a rise of 9% compared to the same period of 2010..
.This rise is due essentially to the 18% increase of exports of
mechanical and electrical industries and the 20% increase in chemical
industries’, reaching respectively 1,314 MTD and 363 MTD..
.However, the textile and clothing sector has posted a “rather
limited” decline in its exports by 3%, reaching 822 MTD by late
February 2011 compared with 850 MTD in the same period of 2010..
.As to investment intents announced in the sector during the first
half of 2011, they posted a growth of nearly 10% reaching 460 MTD. They
would generate over 10,000 additional jobs in industry..
.Some 150 declared projects have been recorded in regional development regions..
.These projects account for 58% of all investment intents (270 MTD)
and should generate over 10,000 additional jobs in these regions..