“For exports, whose value in the month of December was 495 million dinars
MTD, review by sector shows a decline of 2.67% in the value of the
textile and 1.92% in clothing industry.
. .
Compared to November 2010, exports of woven and knitted garments were
down. The most significant decline is noted in the Italian market
(3.02%) in value and (13.69%) in number of items.
. .
However, the United States of America are reinforcing their supplies
from Tunisia and purchases rose from 369,000 dinars in December 2010 to
694,000 dinars in December 2011.
. .
Regarding imports, they fell 1.68% to 349 million dinars in December
2011. It should be noted that imports of denim fabric declined by 34.21%
in value. ”