“At the meeting, where the problems of textile, ready-to-wear and leather sectors are discussed, a comprehensive report was presented to the government. The cost of the demands, which are determined under the organization of TOBB, is USD 1 billion. It is stressed that the representatives of the sector had said that their exports would rise to USD 25 billion from USD 20 billion if their needs are met. The representatives of the textile sector told to the government, “If you meet our demands, then you’ll get more than you give” .The application of tax and employment facilities in the Incentive Law to textile and clothing businesses for two years are among the demands of the sector conveyed to the government. The KDV rates are expected to be 1% in fibers and cotton gin activities and 8% in other textile, ready-to-wear and accessory trade..The industrialists, who wants investment allowance to come again on the agenda, wants the 26% KDV taken from crude fur to be reduced and unemployment taxes paid by the employer for his workers, which is 43% to be reduced to 20%..The regional minimum wage application was brought on the agenda again, while stressing that necessary measures should be taken against the overvalued Turkish Lira..The other demands are to reduce industrial electricity tariff to the average of the European Union, to lift the TRT’s share in electricity, to decrease the KDV and real interests..Among the demands are to establish qualified industrial zones paving the way for free trade with the US. “!– BODY: –>.Source: The New Anatolian .