Mr. Yehia El Zananiry (The President of the Association) clarifies that the Association had submitted some proposals. to support the Egyptian industry. Most important is increasing the percentage of support for the exports from.30 % to 50 % of the current category during the next 6 months, where there is reluctance on the ultimate buyer to absorb the recent price increases.Also the continuous of supporting yarn with non-stop while the Holding company for spinning and weaving has declared the waiving of 25 % of subsidy at a time where they are in need of reducing the prices the same as the amount of subsidy rather than continuing to increase the prices that would hurts the entire industry The Association has assured the necessity of continuing the state in issuing  wise polices for the imported products. from china with providing a quality certificate according to the Egyptian standards and implementing a policy for facing.Mr. Yehia has commended on the suggestion that was proposed by the chambers of commerce and industry to increase the indicative prices of the importers of the textile products by 1%, which is a good one as the indicative prices acts as a real mirror for the imported prices and has succeeded in eliminating the phenomenon of counterfeit bills.


Source:Al Ahram News paper