He added that a number of international marketing companies also seek to set up shop in Cairo in order to purchase Egyptian clothes and textile in favor of US importers.New investments in the textile sector in the Port Said governorate alone increased by more than $52 million creating 5762 new job opportunities, Rasheed added.Egyptian exports will achieve an unprecedented leap over the coming period due to the efforts exerted in this field and due to facilities offered by the government to encourage exports. An export development fund – EDF – has been established to this purpose.he Minister pointed out that EDF allocated LE 815 million to subsidize engineering and furniture industries with a view to generating 100,000 new job opportunities.he Minister added that the industrial sector will soon be able to attract local and foreign investments alike.A fund will also be established to subsidize land prices in order to provide thelands required for new industrial projects. The new Industrial Development Authority will develop the policies and plans needed for deepening local industrialization and increasing the local components in Egypt’s products.The new statute of investment and exports will be marked by its transparency, the Minister stressed. It will help put an end to illegal practices, secure local industry and protect consumers.