It is within context that the TCTC is requesting interested textile & clothing companies to submit their interest to be included in the modernization and upgrading programme. This call is issued in order to create a shortlist of companies that would be available to receive assistance under the IMC contract.The benefits for participating companies are numerous and important. They include two essential areas: Technical & organisational, and Marketing & Sales.
In order to be shortlisted, the applicant should provide all the required information, and fulfill the following (but not necessarily all) criteria: .
The company has to be a privately owned company.
Of small- or medium-size. .
The company has to be in a viable financial situation. .
The company will have to be familiar with exports, either directly or indirectly (as subcontracting, converters, …). .
The company personnel has to have knowledge of the English language.In order to be included in the shortlist, the applicant has to submit the following information: .
1. Name of the company .
2. Postal and email addresses .
3. Name of the contact person .
4. Number of employees .
5. Type of activities .
6. Type of products produced .
7. Export percentage (direct or indirect)The initial deadline for submission to the first round of proposals and for forming the first shortlist is January 15th, 2004. After the initial deadline, this call for expression of interest will remain open. Tenders can be sent at any time, and new applicants will be considered and included in the shortlist for subsequent projects. .
Submissions of interest can be addressed to: .
– by mail to the attention of Mr. Paolo Corvini, TCTC Secretariat, 2, Latin America Street, Garden City, Cairo .
– or sent by email to .
– by fax to the attention of Mr. Paolo Corvini, TCTC Secretariat : 02-794.6887 .
Questions with regard to his call can be addressed to Mr. Paolo Corvini, Executive Director of the TCTC (02-7947848, +20-10-3862297) or can be addressed to the same address/e-mail as above.