Delighted bosses of Tag-It Pacific Inc on Tuesday announced they have scooped a coveted $10 million two-year supply agreement with US jeans giant Levi Strauss & com.

The deal will see the Los Angeles-based firm supply Levi Strauss with a minimum of $10 million of various trim products, garment components and services over the next two years, with certain propriety products, equipment and know-how supplied on an exclusive basis.

Tag-It Pacific also announced that the jeans firm has appointed Talon as an approved zipper supplier. Talon International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tag-It Pacific Inc, now owns the world’s oldest zipper brand, Talon.

Tag-It Pacific CEO, Colin Dyne, commented: “We are very pleased that Levi Strauss & Co has chosen to work with Tag-It in this manner. Tag-It has built a unique and innovative high-quality package of trim and component products, which we offer to apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers in concert with our value added Managed Trim Solution distribution program.

“This agreement is a further validation of our strategy which is focused on growth through product innovation, brand building and meeting customer needs. In addition, we are thrilled that Talon, the original American zipper, is once again part of the great Levi Strauss & Co story.

He added: “We estimate that sales to Levi Straus & Co of various trim and waistband products under the minimum guarantee and the addition of their approval of Talon brand zippers will significantly increase our revenue in the near future.”