Opening the 51 festival of cotton in the northern governorate of Aleppo, Adel Safar noted this was because of great efforts exerted by researchers, technicians and agricultural engineers and experts to make the Syrian cotton of high reputation .He added recent years watched remarkable development of raw cotton locally manufactured average and ginning to overpass 54 percent after it did not exceed 30 percent in pervious years .” This has made an added value to produced cotton, boosted the economic base and increased output of national income,” he said .The minister talked about the distinguished role of the scientific research to innovate local kinds of high production and early ripened cotton  in addition to enjoying other qualities like facing tough weather and environmental conditions .” the last of these kinds is called Aleppo 118 as there are other lineage of colored cotton and long fiber cotton of short growth time that are all to be adopted as to support a list of accredited kinds after long years of fruitful research and hard work,” he said .Governor of Aleppo Tamer al-Hajeh said the area cultivated with cotton this year in Aleppo, the main region in producing this crop after the Northeast region, valued to 35191 hectares  and produced 14,4576 tones of fine cotton with an output of 41 KG/ hectare .Source: Syrian Arab News Agency .