“As part of this research, it was also found the best non-fluorinated DWRs (durable water repellents) are as good at repelling water as potentially hazardous fluorinated polymers, which still have widespread use in the textile industry.”A survey of consumers also found that fit, price, water resistance and durability were the most important factors when purchasing a new outerwear garment. Stain resistance was ranked least important, indicating that many outdoor garments are ‘over-engineered’ when it comes to the application of stain and oil-repellent finishes.”Dr Richard Blackburn, who heads the Sustainable Materials Research Group at the University of Leeds’ School of Design, said: “Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable solutions are available, but are being resisted by some manufacturers and retailers.”.And he called for rain-repellent fluorochemicals used in waterproof clothing to be phased out “as unnecessary and environmentally harmful.”.