Apart from levying anti-dumping duty on Chinese imports into India, the Government of India has initiated many programs to produce quality raw silk viz. implementation of Catalytic Development Programs (CDP) for popularization of improved technologies evolved by Research Institutes to enhance the production of raw silk through vertical and horizontal expansion of sericulture especially mulberry bi-voltine silk and vanya silk besides creating greater opportunities for gainful employment in rural and backward areas especially women and to improve productivity and quality at all level of production processes starting from leaf production to fabrics, evolving new Bivoltine Breeds with assistance from Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA), development of New varieties of mulberry plants with higher yields, development of improved devices, new machines & equipments for improving silk quality and productivity, made necessary efforts to import and popularize the Automatic Silk Reeling Machines for improvement of the quality of silk yarn, introduction of motorized silk reeling/spinning machines & setting up of common facility centers, establishment of Silk Conditioning and Testing Houses etc.”In addition to these, a separate Project “Quality Certification System for Silk” to ensure quality maintenance at different levels of production process Silkworm seed, cocoon and raw silk production) for production of quality silk of international standard to compete in Global Markets has been made .As a part of this project, a scheme “Silk Mark” is launched through the Silk Mark Organization of India SMOI) under Central Silk Board for the products made from pure natural silk and guarantees the purity of silk products. .It also plays an important role in brand promotion of Indian silk in domestic and Export markets. Improving Research and Development and the effective transfer of technology at all stages, encouraging clustering of activities of reeling & weaving and strengthening of linkages between the producers and industry and making amendment to the Central Silk Board Act [CSB (Amendment) Act 2006] to bring in quality norms in silkworm seed production to ensure improvement in silk productivity and quality are some other important measures taken by the Government of India.Source: Press Information Bureau Government of India”