What is so special about egytex.com?

  • As the Textile Business requires a vital and dynamic close communication between buyer-supplier and vice versa, Egypt, since 1999, has developed its own Textile Web Portal – www.egytex.com – that is Egypt’s Official Textile Web Portal. The opening of the portal doors to the Egyptian Industrial Sector brought with it not only the wealth of limitless opportunity that was never optimally utilized before, but also the level of business technology used in the most advanced and developed economies.
  • Egytex.com is your sole source of regular professional and specialized textile information, news, updates, and developments happening in the Egyptian Textile industry.
  • Egytex.com is the only portal comprising a search engine dedicated to Egypt’s Textile industry sectors, facilitating international as well as local business dealings networking through advanced and dynamic industry-specific databases and services that help facilitate communication and information transfer.

Why do you become a member at egytex.com?

  • Complete access to our continuously growing Directory database of Egypt’s manufacturers of fibers, yarns, fabrics, apparel, home textiles, accessories, etc.
  • Industrial reports: Regular information on the Egyptian Textile Industry, professional analyses, trends, price comparisons; an additional opportunity helping you on the evaluation and decision-making process
  • Latest industrial news from Egypt and the world
  • Sourcing Services: Clients who are looking to network with Egyptian suppliers of: fibers, yarns, fabrics, apparel, and home textiles.
  • The latest research covers the T&A Industry Worldwide.
  • Industry-Specific Career Center: Submit your job offerings or resume. View, select and require interviews or browse through the job opportunities offered.
  • Industry Events Calendar: Up-to-date Textile Exhibitions and events schedule with information and links to events’ websites
  • Personal research alerts, allow you to be notified via email or RSS about news, industrial reports, or Egyptian Textile Industry developments posted on egytex.com.
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