clearly manifesting a renewed desire to stand out, PV said. A visitor
from the UK, Matilde Brianceau who is head of formal wear at the UK
company New Look said: “We buy almost all prints from Indigo, because
it is very unique and we know it can’t be copied.” ..In spite of
the bad weather and difficulties in transportation, 13,456 visits were
registered over four days, and 76.5 % of them came from abroad. The
show recorded an increase when compared to February 2009 ( 0.25%) and
when compared with last September’s session ( 0.7%)…Behind
France (3,203 visits), Great Britain showed a significant increase of
over 14% when compared with February 09, with 3,034 visits. In third
place, Italy remained stable with over 1,100 visits, followed by
Germany (770), and Spain (624)…The emergence of some countries
in the top ten visiting countries confirms the evolution of markets,
such as South Korea and Turkey, for whom the buying of patterns
indicates a desire to differentiate themselves and move up in terms of
product range, Première Vision said.