“According to the provisional statistics of export receipt performance
during the first five months of the current fiscal year, all the
finished textile products have shown improvement in their exports. ” “..

The value-wise major component in textile exports was knitwear under
which foreign buyers imported textile products worth $1.075 billion from
Pakistan. ” “..

The knitwear exports jumped up by 24.28 percent during July-November
against $865 million during the corresponding period last year. ” “..

Similarly, the exports of bedwear showed a growth of 22.31 percent to
$795 million during the period under review from $650 million last year.
” “..

Exports of readymade garments, however, grew nominally to $414.5 million
against $412 million. Industry sources said that the economic recovery
in the world after facing recessionary period during 2008 and 2009
resulted in high demand for the textile products. ” “..

Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of textile products, therefore,
the country exports registered substantial growth, experts said. ” “..

The provisional export data of the State Bank of Pakistan SBP) also
revealed that exports of raw material continued despite floods
catastrophe, which damaged crops on a vast area and cotton production.
” “..

The raw cotton exports gone up by 17.27 percent to $129.46 million
during the period under review from $110.55 million last year.
” “..

Similarly, cotton yarn exports grew to $507 million from $443 million, the SBP said. ” “..

The government has estimated that the textile exports would be around
$10.4 billion in FY11 against the $10.182 billion last year. ” “..

The country’s total export receipts reached $9.033 billion in
July-November, showing 17.34 percent growth from $7.698 billion during
the corresponding period last year, the SBP data said. ”