Value-added Textile Forum, M. Jawed Bilwani in a statement on Monday
said that export of yarn has increased by 22 percent during the said
period but spinners are complaining for no reason at all. He said it is
an irony that in Pakistan, production of spinners is 20 percent less
than the previous year’s while export of yarn is increasing”.Jawed
Bilwani revealed that according to a business report: The Chronicle
with Bloomberg of 19th May, 2010 “it has been reported that among other
crops, China’s cotton crops have been badly damaged by heavy rain and
snow. Snowfalls also hurt cotton crops in Xinjiang. The snowstorm in
Gansu province was the latest in a string of weather events that have
hurt cotton crops among other crops this year. This report also states
that the outlook for cotton planting in China this year is “not
optimistic” after farmers delayed sowing because of adverse weather,
said Gao Fang, Executive Vice President, China Cotton Association.
China faces a cotton shortage of about 310,000 metric tons before new
domestic supplies come onto the market after India halted exports”. He
also quoted Business China report that the local media has speculated
that China, the world largest cotton consumer will import more cotton
to around 800,000 tonnes in import quotas for cotton soon to ease the
demand shortfall. The report also states that according to the latest
report released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),
China is expected to increase cotton consumption by 1.5 million bales
in 2010-11 .