“Mr. Bilal said that $7 billions were invested in Garments Sector in recent years and due to highly labor intensive sector this sector is considered as highest employment generating sector which is need of present crucial time, While presenting figures Mr. Bilal said that in spinning/weaving sector against investment of $1 million 34 jobs are created and results in addition of exports by $270,000/ where as against investment of same amount in garments sector generates 460 jobs and addition of exports of $3.2 million.While giving figures after value addition Mr. Bilal said that one bale of cotton exported earns $ 238/ where as clothing made and exported from one bale of cotton earns $1600/.Mr. Bilal further said that keeping in view of regional and international competition we need to be more competitive in world market and Government should come forward for the rescue of this highly important Earning & Employment generating sector by providing incentives like R&D support for survival, Improve market access through Trade Agreements and improve concessionary duties on imported inputs.Source: Pakistan Readymade Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association”