Moshin Ayub Mirza, Central Chairman of PRGMEA said that, in order to see
RMG exports grow to $25 billion, government must put an end to the
exports of cotton. .
Apart from the exports of yarn, low efficiency in production and
inferior quality standards are also to be blamed for adversely affecting
the value-added textile sector..
The value-added textile sector has also suffered owing to yarn,
electricity, gas shortage, law and order situation, harassment by
government bodies and misuse of political influence, informed Mirza..
Owing to all this, Mirza averred that, the value-added sector was unable
to perform its best. He further added that, the government should only
permit 40,000 ton of yarn to be exported per month. In addition, the 15
percent regulatory duty, imposed exports of yarn has also aided in a 10
percent cut in price. .
Members of PRGMEA, accompanied by Mirza have also urged the government
to form a task force to review each textile sector on a monthly basis.