“This investigation covers Pakistan and other countries such as India,
China, Indonesia and Thailand. As per the proposal, the initial duty on
fabrics will increase from 6.4 percent to 35 percent and on garments
from 9.6 percent to 52 percent. This is expected to come into effect
immediately, if imposed. At present, the proposal is under discussion,
and the Council of Ministers in Turkey will soon finalise the issue. ..

Sources said that several leading fabric importers and retailers in
Turkey have already informed Pakistani exporters regarding this
development, which has created panic among Pakistani exporters. Textile
exporters have urged the federal government to take up this matter
immediately at the highest level, and try to stop this immediately,
otherwise exports of the county’s largest sector would be hit directly,
resulting in decline in export growth.

“Turkey was just becoming leading hub for Pakistan for textile as after
USA and EU huge quantities are being shipped in grey and denim
qualities,” exporters said. It is already biggest textile market and in
garments the biggest retailers like Collins, Mavi Jeans, Little Big,
Collezione, LC Waikiki are being shipped, they added. ..

“Turkey is importing over $350 million textile products from Pakistan
including $237 million fabrics. Rise in import duty would definitely be a
very big loss for the fabric industry which was having excellent growth
and many suppliers have established their offices,” said Rana Mushtaq,
chairman of Value-Added Textile Forum. ..

He said that textile export growth to Turkey is very encouraging and
with current growth rate it is expected that textile export will cross
one billion dollars mark in next two years. Mushtaq showed serious
concern over the Turkish government decision to put manifold duty on
fabrics and garments import from many countries including Pakistan. ..

“With this decision which is just now underway there would be a big mess
for suppliers who have taken orders and goods are in pipeline along
with goods which are in the ship,” said Muhsin Ayub, a former chairman
of Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association
(PRGMEA). He said that if the anti-dumping duty is imposed on textile
export by Turkish government it will directly hit the overall export
growth. Presently the country needs huge foreign exchange and these
steps will result in decline in exports, he added. ..

The value added chairman along with PREGMEA chairman Ejaz Khokhar,
chairman Pakistan Denim Association Shahid Soorty and Salamat Ali
chairman PHA North have also jointly appealed to President, Prime
Minister of Pakistan and Farooq, Minister for Textile Industry to
discuss this matter at the highest level since Turkey is our brotherly
country and it is one of the most important ally of Pakistan. They have
asked government high officials that request should be made urgently to
not to include Pakistan in this restriction and duty on export of
Pakistani textile should remain unchanged.