Pakistan plans to continue negotiations with US textile authorities to get an extra $400 million in trade concessions on top of the $142 million textile package agreed last week.

Commerce Minister Abdul Razak Dawood addressed a press conference at the Export Promotion Bureau on Saturday, and said that $142 million was not enough considering the damage Pakistan had sustained following the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York.

Dawood said the US authorities had agreed to negotiate with Pakistan on quota issue: “The door is open and we are planning to meet again with US authorities for further enhancement in textile quota for Pakistan.”

Giving the details of the US proposal for textile benefits to Pakistan, the minister said that it includes a 15 per cent rise in 14 categories of textile quota, including woven gloves, men’s and boys’ coats, women’s and girls’ coats, women’s and girls’ blouses, pyjamas and other knitwear, manmade fibre knit shirts and blouses and manmade fibre trousers.

The US also offered an eight per cent rise in four categories (men’s and boys’ cotton knit shirts, women’s and girls’ knit blouses and cotton trousers), and 25 per cent rise in four categories (men’s and boy’s woven shirts and underwear).