The 28th edition of Munich Fabric Start continued to grow the show’s
influence in the textile world, with 730 international fabric and
textile accessories manufacturers converging on Munich’s M.O.C. for the
three-day event..
.The show, widely considered a traditional appointment for German
apparel and textile insiders, also registered visits from new foreign
countries. Fashion insiders from as far as Finland and Ireland were
also present for this edition. That is a clear indication that the
event is widening its approach to include more offerings from
manufacturers, offer better timing, and even eco-friendly initiatives
as its “organic selection” continues to grow its popularity..

.Significantly, some 60 specialists in jeanswear including denim
manufacturers, fabric finishers and laundries were on site to showcase
their offerings in the Zenith Hall, otherwise known as Blue Zone…Said Thomas Disslich, CEO, Vicunha Europe, on the industry’s apparent
recovery: “I think that we are all conscious of the fact that the
industry is on the road back to something normal. Many companies have
reduced their stocks and are not producing so much as in the past.
Moreover, the higher prices of cotton [has resulted in fewer] products
around. In general, nobody wants to run too much risk and people rather
prefer to put their ‘chips’ on proven formulas, also in terms of
trends.”..In the meantime, accessories companies aiming at the jeanswear market
at MFS offered new complements such as Madeira’s stitching and
embroidery yarns and a wider series of yarns in various metallic shades
that do not ruin or leave color marks on denim or leather even after
multiple washes. It also developed a special wool-synthetic fiber mix
yarn for a rustic effect and yarns blended with material obtained from
tree barks for more ethnic decorations. MIC, the sewing threads
manufacturer meanwhile, presented a special shiny thread that, too,
after a heavy wash, maintains its luster..