The government plans to take action in order to prevent mass redundancies.
“Minister of Employment and Professional Training Jamal Rhmani said that
industry figures and trade unions have expressed fear and asked the government
for help. He added that several ministries have entered into dialogue with the
relevant parties to better develop an emergency plan. .
“Rhmani explained that the government would ensure financial and professional
assistance, a reduction of social security contributions, and a guaranteed
minimum income for workers until growth picks up. .
“Communication Minister and government spokesman Khalid Naciri stated to the
press that the measures are aimed at protecting workers by providing financing
through a guarantee fund. “We also plan to prospect new international markets”,
he added. .
“Abdelali Benamor, president of the Competition Council, noted that aid given
to businesses must not be seen as a revenue stream alone and that the government
must set out clear goals for its use, particularly with regard to jobs. .
“Trade unionists are eager for the state to intervene. Hamid Chabat, a member
of the Moroccan General Workers’ Union (UGT., said that priority must be given
to the sectors affected by the crisis to prevent lay-offs. .
“I think trade unions should not demand wage increases at the moment because
some sectors employing thousands of people are in crisis,” he commented. .
“Moroccan Textile and Clothing Industry Association President Mohamed Tamer
noted that implementing public-private partnerships and ensuring cooperation
between the public and private sectors is a must. ..”..