“Italy is the largest import market of cotton yarn from Egypt in the EU region representing 55% of Egypt exports to the EU, and Portugal is the 2nd largest import market representing 12%. The EU imports of cotton yarn has reached 277K Tons in 2018, exceeding a value of 920 Million Euros, and Portugal remains to be the largest EU import market representing 35% of EU imports in 2018, with a surge of 42% compared to 2010, whilst Italy has become the 2nd largest EU import market in 2018 reaching approximately 60K Tons, with a decline of -35% compared to 2010..”.Turkey, India, and Pakistan continue to dominate EU imports of cotton yarn representing 85% of EU imports. Turkey exports of cotton yarn to the EU in 2018 has reached 104K Tons (310 Million Euros) with a surge of 62% compared to 2010, whilst India’s exports exceeded 97K Tons with a decline of 12.5% compared to 2010.


Source:PR Newswire