According to the manager in charge of administration at Printex, Moses Tetteh Zizzer, the Ministry of Education, abrogated a contract it signed with company for the supply of fabrics for the government’s free school uniform program..He alleges that government is rather allowing various companies to import fabric from China against its initiative of encouraging Ghanaian textile manufacturing companies.When we met with the then Vice President now President, the agreement was that they were going to channel all government contracts for the police, army and the rest to the local industries. Some industries were advised to go and retool and they were promised government assistance in retooling in expectation of having this contract. Now as we speak, we don’t know what our future will be. As for Akosombo Textiles Ltd. (ATL), they are not even producing at all. Their situation is worst”, he lamented.”.Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, Moses Tetteh Zizzer stated that government’s posture is killing the local textile industry.”.He is therefore asking government to help revamp the local textile manufacturing industries to make them more competitive.”


Source:Prensa Latina