Firstly, members of the Jordan delegation introduced the park’s status and various preferential policies of enterprises that will enter the park along with Jordan’s profiles. . . The Chinese side made comprehensive and detailed inquiries about specific contents of attracting business policy from Jordan side. . . Zhu Min Ru then discussed the development of Chinese industrial textiles and nonwovens industry. . . Jordan’s capital Amman is the regional, commercial, financial and communications center for West Asia and has stable political situation, good social order, sound infrastructure, developed financial system and an active capital market. . . The country also enjoys preferential treaties like qualified industrial zones agreement (QIZ) and free trade agreement with the US under which the country’s exports to US are duty-free and quota-free. It has the same trade benefits in Europe and 16 Arab countries .. Jordan welcomed Chinese enterprises that are going to invest in the country. Delegates assured that the country would cooperate with China Industrial Textile Association and hope to attract companies for investment. . . Source: