“Cormatex S.r.l.’s CFS high-performance carding machine is part of a
Cormatex needlepunching line installed at a geotextiles manufacturing
facility in the United States.


ACIMIT reported that although the rise in machinery sales and orders is
significant in comparison to the low levels of the previous two years —
during which the entire textile industry was affected by the global
economic crisis — it should be noted that during the first part of 2010,
there was a general resurgence in global demand for textile machinery.

Italy’s textile machinery sector, which comprises some 300 companies,
accounts for 12.2 percent of global textile machinery exports, according
to ACIMIT. The country’s exports to the world’s main textile
manufacturing markets generally recorded positive growth in 2010, with
Asia and South America driving global demand. Asia accounted for 51
percent of Italy’s total machinery exports, and Europe accounted for 30
percent. Italy’s sales to China, India and Turkey grew by double-digit
percentages in 2010. ACIMIT reports there also were notable increases in
demand in its domestic market, where sales climbed 27 percent over 2009
to almost 1 billion euros. ..

However, the organization is expressing caution regarding its order
forecasts for 2011, with sales in both domestic and foreign markets
predicted to stabilize, according to a study ACIMIT conducted over the
first quarter of 2011.

“These preliminary closing data are no doubt encouraging, but a deep
sense of uncertainty remains regarding the global scenario,” said ACIMIT
President Sandro Salmoiraghi.

Nonwovens: Growing Sector .
ACIMIT notes that nonwovens production is growing, with approximately 50
member companies manufacturing machinery for that sector. Nonwovens
machinery accounts for around 10 percent of the Italian textile
machinery industry’s total turnover.

The organization’s website has a special section focused on nonwovens
and technical textiles and also has put together a brochure promoting
Italy’s new machinery manufacturers. The brochure, compiled with support
from the Ministry for Economic Development and the Italian Trade
Commission, will be distributed at major trade shows. .  ”


Source:Daily Times