“The new developed technology for knit denim fabrics provides the comfort and flexibility of a knit with the authentic aesthetics and performance of a woven. “.Jean Hedegus, Invista’s Global Director for Denim said that the major difference in new developed technology from existing knit denim is that the hybrid fabrics integrate a true denim look and feel with low growth, low shrinkage, and multi directional stretch. Additionally, the fabrics can be engineered for use in a range of different garment types, each serving different consumer needs.”.Based on extensive trials with fit models and Invista’s proprietary wear force testing, the hybrid fabrics have been segmented into three different categories, each with unique performance levels: everyday denim fabrics that meet Invista’s standards can carry the Lycra brand, fabrics that meet Invista’s shaping technology standards can qualify for the Lycra Beauty brand, and fabrics that meet Invista’s athleisure standards can qualify for Lycra Sport branding.”.Introduced in woven denim last year, Lyra Beauty branded fabrics help shape and sculpt a woman’s body comfortably. Now, that same concept is being extended into knit arena with the company once again using wear force testing and body scanning to quantify the high level of comfort and shaping potential these fabrics can offer.”.Previously only used in the active wear segment, the Lycra Sport Brand is now being extended into denim for use in athleisure apparel. They are very excited about the integration of Lycra Sport branded fabrics into denim market space, Hedegus said. Their testing helps identify the right level of compression to ensurecomfort, freedom of movement, and performance in an active inspired garment.”


Source:CNBC: Money Control.com