“Nassar noted that the new city is one of the major projects to be organised in Egypt, according to the latest technologies in the spinning and textile industry, which is being operated by the Chinese company, Ningxia Mankai Investment Company.”Furthermore, the Armed Forces Engineering Authority has completed about 50% of the construction work in the first phase of the city over 600,000 sqm, and it includes 150 factories at a total cost of construction work estimated at EGP 2.1bn, detailed the minister.Moreover, the minister elaborated that it is planned to start the experimental operation of some factories of the first phase in May, with the completion of all operating work by the end of this year.”The project includes three phases and will be developed over four years.Nassar expounded that the Chinese company has signed initial sales contracts for 48 factories in the first phase for Chinese companies, and is negotiating with more than 60 Chinese investors to sell other factories in the second phase