“API chairman Ade Sudrajat said on Sunday that textile exports to China
increased by 70 percent, fibers 65 percent and yarn 65 percent in 2010.
“Indonesia is a reliable source for China for basic materials of the
textile industry,” Sudrajat said.
” “..

According to Sudrajat, demand for textile and textile products in China,
a country of 1.3 billion people, could not fully met domestically. The
demand has been growing rapidly as per capita textile consumption in
China has increased from 12 kg to 18 kg per capita each year. ” “..

Meanwhile, Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu said that exports of
textile and textile products to China last year consisted of garments 60
pct, fiber yarn three pct.
” “..

In a discussion with the press in Bandung, Minister Pangestu said that
the competitiveness of China`s textile industry had weakened due the
rising manpower cost. In addition, trade tension with the United States
and the European Union also had affected China`s textile
” “..

On the other hand, in the last three years Indonesia had achieved its
textile industry development target. “However, Indonesia still needs to
improve quality and promotion,” she said. ” “..

Indonesia has set the target for the exports of textile and textile
products to China at 15 billion US dollars, compared to last year`s
years 11.2 billion US dollars. ” “..

However, by Indonesia has anticipated a decline in its exports of
textile and textile products to China this year due to the rising prices
of the basic materials, including cotton which had increased by 150
percent on the world markets.
” “..

The international price of cotton in 2010 stood at 1.5 US dollars and now has increased to 4.2 US dollars per kilogram. ” ”