The ‘non-paper’ given to Cairo by New Delhi on safeguard duties imposed on cotton yarn last year is intended to serve as a warning that India may drag the matter to the WTO if corrective action is not taken soon. Egypt is a significant buyer of Indian cotton yarn ranking fourth after China, Bangladesh and South Korea. In the January-October 2012 period, cotton yarn worth $130 million was exported to Egypt by India. ..The imposition of safeguard duties – which are penal duties imposed in addition to customs duties to check surge in imports – has made Indian cotton yarn uncompetitive in the Egyptian market, Indian exporters of cotton yarn.“Export of cotton yarn from India to Egypt may not be huge compared to total exports, but with growing protectionism across the world it is important to send out a signal that India is not going to take things lying down,” a senior industry official from a leading textile body said. ..Interestingly, Turkey withdrew similar penal duties on Indian cotton yarn late last year after India threatened to file a dispute with the WTO. “We hope Egypt takes our non-paper seriously and acts. Hauling the country to the WTO is something that we would not want to do enthusiastically as Egypt is going through its own political and economic turmoil. But we also have our own industry’s interests to protect,” the official added.