2009-10, our textiles exports are estimated at US$20 billion due to the
global economic crisis. We expect exports to be US$24 billion for the
current fiscal,” said the Textile Ministry of India. ..However,
helping hand from the government is needed in order to meet the target,
according to A Sakthivel, President of the Federation of Indian Export
Organisations (FIEO). He cited the rising costs of fabrics as a risk and
urged the authorities to continue the regulation on cotton and cotton
yarn exports. The government has brought cotton exports under the
restricted category, with overseas shipments subject to licensing. ..The
US and European markets account for 30-35% of textile exports from
India, and Indian textile and apparel exporters are also exploring new
markets like Africa, Latin America and Oceania, said D K Nair, Secretary
General of the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI).