>With the extension of the validity period,
the government would continue to be empowered to regulate production,
quality, and distribution of Cotton Seed and to curb the sale and
spread of spurious Cotton Seed. ..Quality, production,
distribution, etc. aspects of cotton seed will be subject to regulation
under Seed Control Order 1983 thereby ensuring quality of seed
particularly private hybrids of cotton/Bt Cotton seeds increasing the
productivity and production. It is necessary to regulate the aspects of
production, distribution and quality in the interest of the farming
community and to prevent seed producers from resorting to unregulated
trade practices. ..As and when the Seed Bill is passed by the
Parliament, rules are framed under the new Act and the new Act is
brought fully into force, Cotton seeds would be regulated under this
new regulation. Thereafter the notification of cottonseeds under the EC
Act would be withdrawn


Source:Al Alam AL youm Newspaper