Exporters intending to trim down their reliance on conventional markets
like US and Europe are now surveying newer markets. They are branching
out in budding markets like that of Dubai, Brazil, Russia and Australia
to lessen reliance on the traditional markets. Also, as stated by the
industry experts, a surge has been noticed in demand from the African

Carpet exports are projected to grow by 25 percent to reach $650 million
in 2010-11, year on year. Experts maintained that they have succeeded
in retaining a growth rate of 25 percent for last three months, and were
positive that this would persist..

Amongst the categories that depicted highest growth were handmade
woollen tufted carpets with a growth rate of 8.33 percent, handmade
woollen carpets with a growth rate of 7.11 percent and synthetic carpets
with growth rate of 1.16 percent. Of the country’s overall carpet
exports, around 70 percent goes to the US and Europe..

Carpet exports, which were running negative since October 2008, once
again started chalking positive growth rates from November 2009. The
industry is a source of livelihood for around 2.5 million workers”