Masks have become pivotal in ensuring that people can stay safe during the global crisis. But while options and brands have been mushrooming in the market, there`s still a gap in quality, affordability, and sustainability. GuardeX New York satisfies all three concerns and more with its innovative line of safety gear. 

In March, this year, on the onset of lockdowns for most of the world, GuardeX released its cost-efficient antiviral and antibacterial face masks. It is the reusable solution that allows consumers to save without compromising the quality and their safety. Because it is produced from quality antibacterial fabric, the product can withstand up to 60 washes. The mask also comes with the brand`s game-changing ProteX filters that can be used up to ten wears outside users` homes.
GuardeX has one mission: `To give people the optimism, energy, and protection needed to resume their daily lives in a worry-free manner.` Many nowadays are reserved to go outside their homes in fear of the pandemic. To address their worries, the company has provided a solution that would allow users to stay safe and live safer dynamic lifestyles where they can tackle daily activities with ease.
GuardeX is the first FDA registered and lab-tested in its category. In addition, the surgical-grade replaceable Protex Filter is 95% more effective than its competitors. Aside from the assurance and confidence, the mask gives its users a minimalist design fit for anyone and is perfect for many activities. The adjustable Optifit earloop makes it comfortable for long wear, and the premium fabric does not irritate the user’s skin.
Compared to other masks, GuardeX is 40% lighter. Users can breathe with ease because of the antibacterial, antiviral, moisture-wicking, and lightweight fabric, chosen to accommodate anyone at any age.
While many are hesitant to go outside their homes because of the invisible health threat, GuardeX encourages the public to remain active by choosing the right protective mask. `We want you to step beyond staying home and start taking an active role of staying ahead by gearing up to living safer rather than staying safe,` CEO and founder Neel Elsherif said. It has, indeed, become challenging to adapt to current global circumstances. Still, the company ensures everyone that there is a way to feel confident in going outside.
On top of providing people protection against COVID-19, GuardeX is also taking its corporate responsibility seriously. The company is using sustainable practices by ensuring that its products are long-lasting and economical. There is a growing problem regarding the waste produced by disposable masks. The company persisted in addressing the issue with a reusable mask that would not compromise the environment.
Staying true to its mission, GuardeX is donating one mask for every mask purchased by customers. Since its founding, the brand has donated and protected over 30,000 individuals and professionals such as teachers, healthcare workers, and heroes from the fire department of New York City. Indeed, the company is making a difference in its community and aims to further impact more lives across the country.
Besides its mask, GuardeX is also looking forward to releasing its line of antibacterial wipes and sanitizing lotion.

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