“The News has learnt that French Commercial Counsellor in his meeting with the textile sector stakeholders said that the industry had badly suffered due to energy crisis, increase in input costs and economic recession. ..He offered the textile sector to open a combine buying house for whole textile sector of Pakistan and announced full support of French government in this regard. Dominique Simon offered facilitation for getting visas to people going to France for business purposes…He mentioned in the meetings that the owing to trade facilities the Bangladeshi producers can send their products to all European markets. Contrary to this despite rich in quality, Pakistani products are not competing due to high cost and no special facility available to Pakistani producers. ..Similarly, European companies have opened their buying houses in Bangladesh and quickly updating the Bangladesh textile industry about change in fashion. So every new fashion product is being produce in Bangladesh timely. However, due to law and order situation no businessman is ready to come to Pakistan. Thus in this scenario only one option is left with Pakistani textile producers to open a combine selling house in France which cater the needs of whole Pakistani industry. ..The office would approach the fashion and garment companies in France, market Pakistani products and get orders. Similarly, it will timely update the textile industry about the changing fashions in France follow up the trends and fashions and call up the producers to stop production of any particular fashion product and start production of the new fashion product. Once the French companies build trust, starts business with Pakistani products they will also start coming in Pakistan as the law and order situation would change as well. ..The French Commercial Counsellor during his meetings with textile stakeholders showed his government full support to Pakistani industry. He also mentioned that a delegation of French businessmen would come in September 2009 and meet with the textile industry stakeholders. .


Source:The International News