“Speaking at the Syrian-French workshop, which started activities on
Tuesday, Assistant Minister of Industry Rashad al-A’assa said that the
workshop displayed the most advanced French techniques in the domain of
textile industry”.”We discussed the best ways of upgrading the
Syrian textile industry and increasing the competitiveness of its
products to match up with the international standards regarding quality
and prices,” al-A’assa added ..Economic Advisor at the French
Embassy Sylvie Sturel underlined the importance of the workshop which
comes in the framework of the agreements recently signed between the
Syrian and French Ministries of industry with the aim of exchanging
expertise and getting acquainted with the up-to-date techniques ..She
indicated that 12 French companies are participating in the workshop
which is organized by the Syrian Ministry of Industry in cooperation
with Economic Service Center at the French Embassy ..The volume of
the Syrian textile exports increased in 2008 to reach about SYP 95
billions (1USD= 46 SYP) in comparison with 17.6 billions in 2005 .