“font class=”matter_new”>”font class=”matter_new”>The speakers of the
first session were Mr. Jean-François Limantour, President of the
Euro-Mediterranean Association of Textile and Apparel Executive
Managers “Present situation and future trends in the international
textile industry”, Mr. Roger Zacaropoulos, CEO, EDI-STAGE; Senior
International Expert in textile and garment marketing, management and
export management “The industrial textile clothing industry adaptation
and mutation to face Asian Competitors”, Mr.Adil Nalbant President,
Association of Textile Machinery and Accessories Manufacturers, Turkey
“TEMSAD’s role in the Integration of Turkey with the world”, Mr. Ferid
Tounsi, Executive President, Agadir Technical Unit “Role of the Agadir
Agreement in enhancing competitiveness in textile industry”..
The second session was focused on the Present Situation and Future
Trends in the Arab Textile Industry covering information about :.
• Exports, imports and production.
• Obstacles and recommendations.
• Inter-Arab trade.
• Joint Arab investments”