The country, intending to attend this mark of export earnings worth $1
billion, has already initialized its efforts on this front..

Industry sources believe that, the nation during the concerned phase
would cut down on domestic garment consumption, which almost comes to 90
percent as on date, and would add the same to the export volume. .

The revenue target that the country intends to attain over the
stipulated period of time comes to almost 40 times that of the revenue
of $25 million, reaped by the country in its immediate preceding
financial year..

The country for the existing financial year, eyes to generate revenue of
$100 million from textile exports..

The sector has shown remarkable development in the last five years, he
said. The amount of foreign currency secured from export of garments has
reached 25 million US dollars in 2002 EC from only four million USD
some eight years ago. .
The sector has marked significant growth over the last five years. The
foreign currency earned from garment exports has reached $25 million in
2002 EC from merely $4 million, 8 years back..
According to the experts, around 42 medium and high-scale enterprises in
Ethiopia, those functional in the textile sector either directly or
indirectly, participated in the export trade. ”