Although the high growth in the Textile and Clothing sector, but also there are some challenges that face this industry in the global markets and this is beacuse of the intensity of competition and mainly depending on cheap labor” Eng. Rashid said ”
“He said that there is no retract from the protection of domestic industry from unfair competition. Moreover he reviewed with the heads of the export councils the plan to  achieve the target to increase the exports where Dr. Alaa Arafa (Chairman of the export council of Ready-Made Garments,RMGEC) has pointed out that the exports of this sector (RMG) reached 7,4 billion pounds in 2009, and it’s intended to reach 15,9 billion pounds during 2013 with growth rate up to 115%,adding that it’s expected to reach the investments of this sector to 10 billions and 97 million pounds in 2013 .