“Kabil attributed the decline in textile products imports to
the new procedures taken by the Ministry of Trade and Industry at the beginning
of 2016 to rationalize imports .”

“Almost 255 textile buildings have been industrially licensed
over the past year with total investments of EGP 2.3 billion, he added,
pointing out that it has provided about 51,000 jobs .”

“The ministry has launched three industrial cities specialized
in textile industries, in addition to 255,000 square meter industrial lands in
Kafr El Dawwar and El-Mahalla, Kabil highlighted in a statement on Sunday .”

“Moreover, Abdul Moneim El-Banna, minister of agriculture and
land reclamation said that the ministry has launched a national campaign to
plant three new kinds of cotton .”

“This campaign helped to boost cotton fields to 220,000
acres, El-Banna noted, adding that the ministry seeks to raise cotton fields to
250,000 acres .”

“In July 2017, head of the Textile Industries Chamber at the
Federation of Egyptian Industries Mohammed El-Morshedy said that textile
industries contribute 3% of Egypt‘s gross domestic product….Source: mubasher.info .


Source:The Hindu