Over 100 industrialists from the textile and the apparel sector representing the Agadir member states, which include Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia in addition to counterparts from other European countries, will take part in the exhibition, Tounsi told reporters in a recent meeting…“The exhibition seeks to pave the way for investors in the textile sector in Agadir member states to build partnerships with their European counterparts and attract investments to their countries,” he added. During the exhibition, a forum on partnership in the textile and the apparel sector between EU countries and the Agadir member states will be held in Paris, bringing about 200 European businesspeople and investors…“Such a gathering is an important opportunity for the private sector in the Agadir Agreement member states to explore opportunities of cooperation with European peers,” said Tounsi, adding that a total of 14 Jordanian textile and apparel companies will take part in the event…The fair also presents a wide choice of European collections from Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Turkey, China, Korea and Hong Kong are also represented on a smaller scale, according to the fair’s website…The exhibition is an “excellent” opportunity to raise awareness on the pact, which was signed in February 2004, allowing the four member states to cumulate origin to export to the EU duty free and quota free. “It will help highlight opportunities and incentives offered by the agreement as well,” said Tounsi…The agreement was designed to create an integrated market of 120 million people and allow industries in the signing countries to cooperate in exporting to large economic powers such as the EU and the US, providing an even larger market. The deal is also meant to promote mutual investment among member states, and to make their shared economic space more attractive.


Source:Agadir Unit