“Cotton is the perfect choice of material for bedding as it is soft in consistency and is invariably more comfortable than other materials used in bedding. The main factor that makes it the best choice of material is its tendency to let air in, making it very comfortable to use. You do not get the sticky feeling that occurs with other materials. It is washable and the dirt and stains come of easily. The resistance to wear and tear is very high, perhaps the highest of all the fibres that are in use in the textile industry. They actually turn more soft and silky when washed repeatedly for long periods. ..They are optimal for use both in summer and winter. In summer they keep you cool and comfortable and in winter they warm you up by retaining warm air in them. And another significance of using cotton is they are good for people who have skin ailments like eczema or those with sensitive skin that does not augur well with synthetic fibres like nylon. These synthetic fibres cause irritation to the skin and hence should be avoided. Egyptian cotton is the most preferred of all cotton types as it is of fine quality and gives a lustrous finish. It is a type of long staple cotton that is cultivated in Egypt, hence the name Egyptian cotton. The thread count is high in long staple cotton while the other varieties sport a lesser thread count. Due to this factor the quality is better in the Egyptian cotton…Generally fibre of any material has threads woven in it in horizontal and vertical directions. The number of interwoven fibres present in a square inch of the material makes up the thread count. A count of more than 150 threads per square denotes good quality and the Egyptian variety has at least 180 threads per square inch and those with such high threading are called as cotton percale. The softness of a material increases with the thread count and the spill resistance also rises proportionately to the thread count. You get a softer, silkier and long lasting fibre with increased thread count..