said that the meeting reviewed the efforts of the ministries of
Industry, Agriculture and the Public Business sector in developing an
integrated strategy for the textile industries, from cotton growing to
the final product, whether ready-made garments or home textiles. He
pointed out that there is great coordination between the three
ministries to achieve integration among them to ensure the development
of this vital industry which is one of the most important strategic
industries that receive the attention of the government and the
president personally…The minister pointed out that the meeting
also stressed the importance of attracting new investments in the
spinning and weaving industry and granting them distinctive investment
incentives to maximize the added value of Egyptian cotton and its
products. He pointed out in this regard that the ministry has proposed
the establishment of 3 textile cities, As well as the introduction of
industrial land in the cities of Kafr Dawar and Mahalla with a total
area of 255 thousand square meters for the establishment of projects in
the field of textile industries…In this context, the Minister
explained that there are 255 textile establishments that obtained
industrial licenses last year with a total investment of about 2.3
billion Egyptian pounds and about 51 thousand jobs. He pointed out that
the procedures taken by the ministry last year on rationalizing imports
have also contributed to the decline in the import of textile products
from 768 million dollars in 2016 to reach 200 million dollars by the end
of 2017…As for the actions taken to protect the Egyptian cotton
logo, Qabeel explained that the ministry is currently developing the
current system of Egyptian cotton through the development of new
promotional policies. As well as the establishment of procedures to
protect the Egyptian cotton logo and its use on the products 100%
Egyptian cotton through the development of a new mechanism based on the
use of DNA analysis to track companies and suppliers that offer products
bearing the mark of Egyptian cotton…Dr. Abdel Moneim El Banna,
Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation pointed out that the
ministry launched a national campaign for Egyptian cotton, which
included the development of 3 new varieties, which contributed to
increase the cultivated areas of cotton. He said that the Ministry of
Agriculture is keen to raise the efficiency and productivity, which
contributes to meet the needs of the Egyptian industry at reasonable
prices..El Banna pointed out that the ministry is in the process
of approving the opening of new sources for importing cotton seeds, from
two new plants, India and Australia, in addition to the approved
sources in the ministry…Dr. Ashraf Al-Sharkawi, Minister of
Public Business Sector, said that the ministry has implemented an
integrated plan to develop the ginning system, which follows the Holding
Company for Spinning and Weaving, where an international tender has
been submitted and procedures have already been laid down on one of the
largest Indian companies which has established and developed 60 thousand
Cotton gins worldwide, In this context, the development will include 11
Cotton gins associated with cotton growing areas…Al-Sharqawi
pointed out that the ministry has completed preparation of a
comprehensive study for the development of spinning factories of the
Holding Company for Spinning and Weaving. The tender for the development
process will be presented soon. He pointed out that in the next few
days Qena Spinning Factory will be inaugurated after being supplied with
new machines to be a strong addition to the spinning industry in Egypt….Source: elbalad.news. ”