Nassar stressed the importance of placing Egyptian cotton in its proper position as among the finest type of cotton in the world.On Saturday Nasser met with the chairman of the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), Wael Olama. Nasser then expressed how important the CEA’s efforts are in protecting the quality of Egyptian cotton, which includes follow-ups of its DNA through careful sampling, analysis and identification of violations The CEA conducts global awareness campaigns in major retail chains in the United Kingdom, as well as the Europe, the United States of America, India, Turkey, China and Pakistan Olama said that the CEA is currently implementing a comprehensive plan to increase the rates of production and exports of cotton, ready-made garments and textiles. He explained that since utilizing careful DNA tests to ensure the cotton is pure Egyptian, the export demand for Egyptian cotton has seen a significant increase.Olama added that the association contracted with an international company to conduct examination of Egyptian cotton samples globally”