Eng.Rashid added that this area has the potential to boost with the textile and apparel industries exports, through the enormous benefits enjoyed by the employment of qualified technical trainer and proximity to the Delta region and ports in Alexandria, as well as it is located at the crossroads of domestic and international, where it could be an industrial area universal…This came after the opening of Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister, a number of industrial projects  in Kafr Al-Dawar, where he opened two factories with total investments 47 million USD providing 4000 jobs,the first one is Egyptian-Turkish for textile industry with investments of 30 million USD, and provides 1500 jobs, The second factory is El Helal fro Knitting of a total investment 17 million USD and provides 2500 jobs…Mr. Rashid said: “The plan includes the implementation of a major project to create an industrial area specialized in spinning, weaving and apparel manufacturing on an area of 600 thousand square meters including 430 thousand square meters has been allocated for industrial activity and 170 thousand square meters to create storage areas and training centers of technology transfer and settlement,” explaining The project is located in the scope of Kafr al-Dawar, and it will be a part of the unused land ownership by Public textile companies located in KAfr El Dawar area…The establishment of the project aims to develop and modernize the textile industry, and apparel and take advantage of the industrial base of the petition in this region, as well as to take advantage of unused land within the control of the spinning and weaving companies in the public enterprise sector and attract new investments to provide more jobs for the people in Kafr Al-Dawar, which has gained experience in the textile industry, explaining that it is currently implementing a series of training programs and technical assistance to develop the skills and capabilities and training of personnel on the latest production methods and increase the competitiveness of our products to penetrate global markets high quality products”