Eng.  Mahmoud EL Bagoury( Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cotton Arbitration and Testing General Organization, CATGO )in Alexandria, has confirmed on Tuesday that contract prices of the Egyptian cotton specially “Giza 86” increases  up to 275 cents / lb with an increase of 113 cents / lb compared to the prices in the beginning of the season…He pointed out that the amount of cotton which was shipped through the Egyptian ports to the international markets since the beginning of the export season and so far the amount reached  about 972 thousand and 580 kantars of cotton from the various items by 44.10% of the total export consignments…He pointed out that India occupies the first place among the list of Contracting States to import Egyptian cotton for the current season by 26.97% of total transactions, followed by China with 19%, Switzerland 11.52%.